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Meditate with Wendy

Donation-based group meditation 

I meditate every morning. I do this because it helps me to be happier, less reactive and nicer to everyone around me. I'm excited to share my meditation mornings with you in this monthly group practice. 


If you're curious about meditation and want to try it, or maybe you're a seasoned meditator and want to meditate in the company of others, please consider checking out my donation-based meditation group.


We meet online M-F at 8am (PST), the last full week of each month. Starting your day with a 15 minute meditation can be a wonderful way to give yourself some loving kindness before heading out into the world. I hope to see you there! Click the button below to connect with me and get the group meditation link.

Not sure what guided meditation will be like?

You can try this 15 minute guided meditation for free! 

Click anywhere on the picture below to begin.


Recorded Meditation

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