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Individual Adult Therapy

From birth to death, our lives are full of forever-shifting joys and struggles. We experience periods of happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, overwhelm and grief. The challenging periods can feel intense; I believe they can also offer us a rich opportunity for transformation and growth. I am a strength-based parts therapist, with a creative and somatic approach toward healing. I also use nonviolent communication to help clients work on relational issues. I also offer all clients a week of online guided group meditation at the end of each month.

My intention is to co-create a safe environment based on trust and respect where you can explore your emotional experience. Always honoring your uniqueness and with open-hearted curiosity, I invite you to explore your inner world, moving away from judgement and toward self-appreciation, compassion, peace and contentment.


My goal is to help you gain self-understanding and self-compassion, acquire the skills to better navigate challenges, and to enjoy a more expansive and peaceful life. Thank you so much for getting to know me. I hope to connect with you soon.

Individual Therapy - $225 / 50 minute session

*Happy to generate superbills for submission to your health insurance

**Sliding scale spots offered

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