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Guided Meditations

Mindfully scanning the body can help us to calm ourselves and get grounded so that we feel safe. This 10 minute body scan shines light over the body, starting at the crown of the head and moving down to the toes. Give it a try if you need help falling asleep or just to re-center yourself during the day.

The Mountain Meditation helps us to relax into the understanding that there is more support available to us than we often acknowledge and that rather than trying to grasp at control, we can find equanimity by resting into the mountain and simply witnessing. 

The Compassionate Witness Meditation is a lot like a meditation that guides you in following your breath, with one notable difference. As we breathe, and thoughts arise, instead of simply noticing them and returning to our breath, we take a moment to acknowledge and lovingly accept all the feelings and ideas that are making their way into our field of awareness. We notice them, lovingly, and then let them go, returning to the breath. In this way, we develop the ability to witness the mind without judgement, while building understanding and compassionately steadying the Self.

"Soft belly is a trigger for letting go. Softening melts the armoring over the heart, experienced as hardness in the belly. Each time we remember to be present, to be mindful, we soften into the moment. Softening becomes a call to the heart, that it's safe to be alive in the body once again. Soft-belly brings an end to our fear of fear." -Stephen Levine

This guided meditation will help you connect with your beloved dead by creating a safe space and inviting them to spend time with you. Sometimes our loved ones die before we get to tell them the things that matter most. What do you want to ask them? What would you like to tell them?


This 15 minute meditation can help you continue the conversation in a meaningful way. Part of the grief process involves reintegrating back into the world now that your loved one is gone. Reworking the connection you have with your beloved dead is part of this reintegration. This meditation can help you continue the journey of love and connection we have with those who have died.

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