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Happy Workshop Cohort

Grief Workshops

...these things are offerings being made to you, to give you the stuff through which you can grow clearer and stronger and emptier and more available to your heart." -Ram Dass, on grief 

ALL workshops currently being offered via zoom

Transforming Grief 8 Week Workshop

This workshop takes an integrated approach to working with grief that includes somatic and creative approaches. We’ll work with the body and breath specifically, to get grounded and create a supportive atmosphere of safety and calm. From there, we'll explore selected readings and music, and engage in writing and sharing activities designed to help make sense of the emotions surrounding loss. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other, find comfort in our shared experiences and support one another as we heal. My hope is that this workshop can be used as a vehicle to help you come back to yourself, with a renewed focus of what matters most, as you move forward, toward growth and reintegration.

The curriculum is designed to build as we grow more comfortable with processing our losses together. Providing a feeling of safety and trust is paramount, so we'll always check in to make sure everyone feels comfortable with what we have planned. 

Each session will be two hours long and focus on a particular theme. Each week includes breathing & stretching, grief education, a reading, journaling to music and sharing and witnessing. 


Here's what we'll do, week by week:

Week 1 - Welcome, Intros and What to Expect

Week 2: The Grief Boulder - a powerful way to conceptualize grief 

Week 3: Bound Through Time and Space - Encouraging continuing bonds

Week 4: Sharing Grief - pairing up and telling your story

Week 5: Forgiveness - exploring what's possible

Week 6: Resilience - fostering a connection with your strength

Week 7: Allowing Gratitude - finding gratitude in grief

Week 8: In Memoriam Ritual - honoring our dead, healing our hearts

Each session plants a seed for further work and includes a digital presentation of what we've covered, including recordings of our guided meditations, and lots of additional resources  to support you in your grief journey. 

Also, all attendees receive a discount on individual grief counseling sessions with Wendy, should they want to continue their grief work one-on-one.

When: Saturdays, COMING SOON

Fee: $480 per person (for 8 two hour sessions, $30/hour)

*sliding scale available, please inquire

Facilitator: Wendy Rolon - Grief Counselor, End of Life Doula

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